After a month or so haitus with this blog, we are up and going again! Sorry about the absence! Hope everyone has been enjoying the free skool events that have happened! Including:

  • Mini quilts
  • Fast Eddie’s No Gas Nationals
  • Planning Potlucks
  • Storie Tiem
  • Fall Cooking: bread and soup
  • The Harvest
  • KC Free Skool Fest Planning
  • Play Test Life – Question Game

There is a VERY SPECIAL event coming up — TWO very special events, actually. First, there is a show on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH, AT 6 PM at FOKL (located at: 556 Central Ave. KCK 66101) This is a benefit show for the FREE SKOOL FAIR later on in November on the 17th. The Fun Fund for Freeskool Fair on the tenth will showcase the following bands: Jametatone (solo from Metatone’s bandleader Ashley Miller), Umberto (dance music for creepies by a creepie, incredible internationally recognized local act!), Sinister Ritual (industrial dubstep techno, first show!), The Little Big Bangs from STL (dirtier Fugazi/RIVIVR-esque coed punk rock fun), Bludrunt (new rock’n’roll motorcycle gang/band featuring members of Whoop De Doo, Grey Ghost Horse and Piper Harrow!) and Role Module (basement keyboards/first show!) plus MORE TBA! This show will try and fund the KC FREESKOOL FAIR and therefor benefit the Garrison Community Center at which the show will be held.

Now, onto the November 17th KC Freeskool Fair! Five hours of Learning, Teaching, Playing, Exploring, Experimenting, and Living this Great Life utilizing a Game Room, Basketball Court, Art Room and other classrooms at Garrison Community Center to facilitate a mega-all-in one day glimpse of what KC Freeskool does and can do! Adn this show will help make it all happen!

Workshops, performances, lectures, and screenings will begin as early as 4PM, Part with bands / projections / etc officially start at 8PM, (MC’d by Lawd Droopie.) Have any of the above to contribute? Let us know! A little bit more room for stage bands, lots more room for background serenade musicians durin gthe earlier part of the event. Come Play! Come Teach! Come Learn! Come Dance!!!

Can’t wait to see you!


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