If you would like to be emailed every week with upcoming classes, please email kcdiyfreeskool@gmail.com with the subject line “MAILING LIST.”

If you would like to find out about definite classes that are coming up or create your own class to teach, check out our EVENTS CALENDAR; it is open to the public, so if you would like to add or edit an event, feel free to do so! Classes are completely free.

So far, these are the classes we have in mind. When fully organized, we will list them on the EVENTS CALENDAR.

  • Powell Observatory  Day Trip (Carmen)
  • Information about the Prison Industrial Complex and KC’s Books Through Bars (Gabrielle)
  • Short Story Collaboration (Nick)
  • Art History, sprinkled with Dance (Drew)
  • Gardening (Flora)
  • Hot Jamz Reading Group (Charlie)
  • Sexual Health Seminars (Gabrielle)
  • Dental Nutrition (Lizeth)
  • Bookmaking and possibly Letterpress (Matthew)
  • Basic Sewing/Thrift Store Tailoring (Lindsey)
  • Peripheral Performance (Lindsey)
  • Playwriting (Lindsey)
  • DIY Health Care (Drew, Gab, Polly, Charlie)
  • Spanish (Natalie)
  • Urban Exploration (Matthew)
  • Caving (Nick/Matthew)
  • Wild Edibles (Charlie)
  • Cheap but Healthy Food (Lindsey, Charlie)
  • Music Theory (Nick, Lindsey, Jared)

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